All testimonials are from company reps who have attended

“UPTAs is, by far, the best audition out there” Courtney Ell-Suders, Sight & Sound Theatres

“one of most respected organized auditions in the country” Marion Waggoner, Tecumseh

“an incredible audition and impeccable hosts” Katy Brown, Barter Theatre

“we really had a great time!” Holly Keenen & Courtney Glenny, The Galt House Hotel

“I always feel totally informed and prepared” Michael Querio, Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

“This audition runs like clockwork.” Todd Davison, Maples Repertory Theatre

“We have hired some great people from UPTA.” Miguel Flores & Max Flicker, Stages St Louis

“LOVED IT! What an extraordinary experience! I love the process, the people, the talent. We’re coming back again next year!” Kevin Stillwell, PA Renaissance Faire

“I tell everybody that this is the best audition conference anywhere, perfectly run, always A+ in all respects. If you’re looking for great talent at friendly, superbly organized auditions, come to UPTA!” James Larson, Omaha Theater Company for Young People

“I just want to thank you. UPTA has earned it’s reputation and we are so proud to be a part of it!” David Ostergaard, Bright Star Theatre

“I am continually amazed at how smoothly and efficiently UPTA runs each year. Keep up the excellent work.” Warner Crocker, Wayside Theatre

“UPTAs are run so efficiently with compassion toward the companies and the actors alike. It is refreshing to see another arts organization so committed to going green. A HUGE thanks for you and your staff for all of your hard work!” Libby Schneider, Missoula Children’s Theatre

“It is always good to come to UPTA and feel like everyone involved from volunteers to other theatre reps just want things to go well. It is always a positive and supportive environment.” Marybeth Clark Charleston Stage

“You run a great show!” Mark Lutwak, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

“I have been very impressed with how organized everything is. You guys do an excellent job making it easy for us. Thanks!” Cecilia Lighthall, FoodPlay Productions

“I found it very rewarding and the staff and volunteers very helpful.” George Mattox, Hispanic-American Lyric Theatre

“The auditions are fantastically organized, the staff is extremely competent and helpful, and overall the talent was well above the average that I see at other auditions. All around a class act! They should all be this easy!” Bonnie Bosso, Sight and Sound Theatres

“The auditions are run very professionally. The staff is always professional and very helpful. I truly believe that companies like UPTA as much or more than any other auditions.” Scot Tillery, Black Bear Dinner & Show

“A great experience and I saw fantastic actors. Well run, well organized, and well worth my time.” Matt Chiorini, Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

“This gathering of talent is the best ‘mass’ audition we’ve attended. The well-organized, friendly atmosphere was a welcome change. We’ll be back. Thanks for the opportunity!” Carrie Morgan, Special Events Manager & Recruitment, Busch Gardens-Williamsburg

“Where else as a theatre producer can you go and see 800 experienced actors, witness an Elvis reincarnation, and have limitless free coffee, donuts, and fruit during the audition process? Only at UPTA!” Jackie Nichols, Executive Producer, Playhouse on the Square

“UPTA is not just actor and producer friendly, it is genuinely concerned about the needs of both parties. And they do their best to fulfill those needs. Producers will see top notch talent, and actors will be seen by reputable and respected producers.” Ford Flannagan, Casting, Theatre IV

“I liked many things about UPTA: auditions in a theatre with theatrical lighting and acoustics; the range in ages and types of quality actors; the use of real resumes and not photocopies; and the fact that extra copies of resumes were given back to the actors. We’ll be back next year!” Larry E. Snipes, Producing Director, Lexington Children’s Theatre

“My compliments on a superbly run audition. Thorough planning and a willingness to listen have made UPTA the most respected audition in the country.” Curt Wollan, Producer, Troupe America/StageWest

“UPTA was a very influential casting source for our season. The UPTA staff was efficient, friendly, and kept the experience positive for all involved.” Riley H. Risso, General Manager, Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival

“I appreciate the fact that UPTA actively seeks our feedback to adjust and improve UPTA from year to year. As a theatre representative, I feel that my input is valued and that makes for a friendlier conference. Thank you!” Annie Cady, Teaching Company Director, CLIMB Theatre Company

“We came. We saw. We hired! UPTA is the single best source for us in finding trained, competent, employable actors.” Eric Bunge and Hal Cropp, Core Artists, Commonweal Theatre Company

“UPTA is an invaluable source of talent for us. I also met some wonderful producers at UPTA and have felt comfortable enough to call them and ask questions and share information – an invaluable resource. The UPTA staff and volunteers were outstanding. Thank you for the professional, upbeat, and courteous approach through the whole weekend.” Meg Merckens, Artistic Director, The Old Creamery Theatre

“UPTA delivers quality in all phases of the audition process. The best process in the business.” Marion Waggoner, Producer, Tecumseh!

“I think this is the most organized, best-run audition I’ve ever been a part of!” Chris Becker, The National Theatre For Children

“Very well-organized. Good talent! 50% of our actors come from UPTA.” Bob Falls, Casting, Poetry Alive!

“These are the best auditions we attend. Well-run, friendly, excellent talent, and a great location!” David Greenham, Producing Director, The Theater at Monmouth

“We wanted to thank UPTA for always being so wonderful to work with. We know that a tremendous amount of work is involved in hosting UPTAs, and we just wanted you to know what a great job you are doing!” Marina Dolinger, Artistic Director, Theatre West Virginia

“Very well-run, tight and efficient!” John Hardy, Barter Theatre