All testimonials are from company reps who have attended

“You all always go above and beyond. Thank you so much for all you do!” Greenville Theatre team

“UPTAs is a well-engineered machine that is fueled by the good hearts of the cordial and professional staff.” Houston Shakespeare Festival team

“UPTA is the most professional auditioning venue in the country.” Lees-McRae Summer Theatre team

“Great atmosphere for creative thinking, casting and interaction with other companies.” McLeod Summer Playhouse team

“I am in AWE of the staff. It is truly a pleasure to watch you all work together during my time in Memphis. Thank you for everything you do.” Meaghan Simpson, Texas Shakespeare Festival

“Looking forward to being back next year!” Alex Freeman, Ozark Actors Theatre

“After attending various other auditions in NYC, I can honestly say that UPTAs (are) the most organized, most efficient, and most compassionate/caring auditions in the country. One of the highlights of my year.” Cathy Bush, Barter Theatre

“We go to a lot of these, and UPTA always feels like it runs the smoothest and has all of the information that we need available.” Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire team

“Excellent conference.  Well run and easy to navigate.” Whitney Jo, Playhouse on the Square

“I will sing your praises until the cows come home. Unifieds, as you know, are hard, long and stressful – but UPTA is always the best for me. Things are structured and organized, but not rigid. The little things like bathroom breaks after each round, snacks and medicine are so thoughtful and perfect! Thank YOU for all you, and your team, do. I know it can be a thankless job at times – so let me say it again; THANK YOU.” Emily Hubbard, Bright Star Theatre

“The UPTA team makes the audition experience great!” Unto These Hills team

“This was a well-oiled machine, and I would highly recommend to anyone!” Chris Faith, Sight & Sound Theatres

“UPTA’s is by far my favorite conference to attend. Everything is so well organized!” Erika Holmes, Norwegian Creative Studios

“I think you and your team are TOPS! You guys make this such an amazing experience for not only the companies for the talent as well! Thank you for all you do! We do not sing your praises enough!” Bryce McDonald, Cumberland County Playhouse

“The staff was lovely and communicative.” Greg Brown, Royal Caribbean Productions

“Efficiency and attention to detail are excellent.” American Stage team

“The UPTA staff was incredibly helpful. You all did a great job of making sure that even folks like us who were there for the first time knew exactly what was going on.” Ben Kutschied, LaZoom Tours

“(We) love the way you run this conference. We get a good amount of breaks and the schedule is always very close to on time and I love that. Thank you for all that you do.” Cedar Point Live Entertainment team

“I always look forward to UPTA each year. Thanks for always making us feel heard and taken care of.”  Lisa Chase, Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre

“As usual, it was a smooth sailing and I appreciate so much how kind you are to all of the actors (and producers) who attend every year!” Mel Hatch Douglas, Madcap Puppets

“An incredible audition and impeccable hosts” Katy Brown, Barter Theatre

“I always feel totally informed and prepared” Michael Querio, Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

“This audition runs like clockwork.” Todd Davison, Maples Repertory Theatre

“UPTAs are run so efficiently with compassion toward the companies and the actors alike. It is refreshing to see another arts organization so committed to going green. A HUGE thanks for you and your staff for all of your hard work!” Libby Schneider, Missoula Children’s Theatre

“It is always good to come to UPTA and feel like everyone involved from volunteers to other theatre reps just want things to go well. It is always a positive and supportive environment.” Marybeth Clark, Charleston Stage

“UPTA is not just actor and producer friendly, it is genuinely concerned about the needs of both parties. And they do their best to fulfill those needs. Producers will see top notch talent, and actors will be seen by reputable and respected producers.” Ford Flannagan, Casting, Virginia Repertory Theatre

“I liked many things about UPTA: auditions in a theatre with theatrical lighting and acoustics, the range in ages and types of quality actors, and more. We’ll be back next year!” Larry E. Snipes, Producing Director, Lexington Children’s Theatre

“My compliments on a superbly run audition. Thorough planning and a willingness to listen have made UPTA the most respected audition in the country.” Curt Wollan, Producer, Troupe America/StageWest

“UPTA was a very influential casting source for our season. The UPTA staff was efficient, friendly, and kept the experience positive for all involved.” Riley H. Risso, General Manager, Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival

“I appreciate the fact that UPTA actively seeks our feedback to adjust and improve UPTA from year to year. As a theatre representative, I feel that my input is valued and that makes for a friendlier conference. Thank you!” Annie Cady, Teaching Company Director, CLIMB Theatre Company

“We came. We saw. We hired! The most effective, well run general audition we have ever attended and will be a constant presence moving forward. All the staff knew their responsibilities and executed them flawlessly. The volunteers were incredibly helpful and always so friendly.” Hal Cropp, Core Artist, The Commonweal Theatre Company

“UPTA is an invaluable source of talent for us. I also met some wonderful producers at UPTA and have felt comfortable enough to call them and ask questions and share information – an invaluable resource. The UPTA staff and volunteers were outstanding. Thank you for the professional, upbeat, and courteous approach through the whole weekend.” Meg Merckens, Artistic Director, The Old Creamery Theatre

“I think this is the most organized, best-run audition I’ve ever been a part of!” Chris Becker, The National Theatre For Children