theatre-dance-audition-3What happens at the dance auditions? How hard are the combinations? What type of dance shoes should I wear?

The dance area opens at 5:00pm. The first thing you should do is sign in when you arrive. Courtney and her crew do an amazing job at keeping the audition organized and moving to get you back to your call backs on time. They need you to sign in to be able to do that.

From 5:30pm to 5:40pm we will hold a basic organized warm up containing isolations and basic floor stretches. From 5:40pm to 5:50pm we will do Grand Battements and Develloppe. And from 5:50pm to 6:00pm we will give information and instructions. At 6:00pm, we’ll begin teaching the first routine. Keep in mind that some companies begin watching you during the warm ups. Make sure your number is visible. Pin it up and to the left side of your body so company reps can see it easily.

theatre-dance-audition-2theatre-dance-audition-kiersten-maysThree different combinations will be taught in the order listed below. You may do more than one combination but no more than two. All three combinations will be taught before the actual auditioning occurs. You may learn them all and then decide to add or remove yourself to or from any combination. Many times people feel they are able to do more than combination number one and are fearful of the level and intensity of combination number two. We encourage you to learn the second combination. Companies will be able to judge your ability level by watching you learn the combination as well as execute it later during the audition process. Remember you can always remove or add yourself after you learn it.

Dance Combination #1 (Mover)

This is the least difficult of all three combinations. Fun music is used to let everyone show style and character and relax as much as possible. It will use basic dance steps. Wear Jazz shoes, dance sneakers, or character shoes.

Dance Combination #2 (Trained High Intermediate/Advanced Level Dancer)

theatre-dance-audition-1This combination is very different than the 1st combination. It will be taught a GREAT DEAL FASTER using dance vocabulary and is for trained dancers. It will involve leaps, turns and many moves to show strength, flexibility and control. It has two parts. The fist part is Jazz and the second part is Ballet. You are not required to execute both. If you consider yourself a Jazz Dancer and only wish to do that section it is fine. The same goes for the Ballet. Jazz shoes are suggested since both ballet and jazz are together and no time will be given to change shoes.

Dance Combination #3 (Intermediate and Above Level Tap Dancer)

Obviously tap shoes should be worn for this combination. Everyone will be given time to quickly change into their tap shoes before this combination is taught. This combination will also be taught a great deal faster than combination #1. After each small group has executed the combination during the actual audition process, each person will be given the opportunity to individually demonstrate 4 double wings and 4 double pullbacks without music. You are not required to do the wings and pullbacks.

theatre-dance-audition-ann-marie-hallEvery year we ask for feedback so we can continue to make UPTA better. I consistently hear from company reps, “Why did they wear that?” Suggestions: Don’t dress like your going to a hip hop class. Don’t wear your tights over your leotard. Don’t wear sweat pants. Bras and Dance Belts are good things….wear them! Put as much thought into choosing your attire for the dance call back as you do with your earlier audition. Make sure you look good and feel good in your attire. They want to watch you dance not make adjustments to your leotard every 30 seconds.

I don’t consider myself a dancer. What should I wear?

Fitness Attire that looks nice. Something you would wear to work out in and allows you to move easily and freely. Wear jazz shoes if have them. Light weight tennis/walking shoes would be the next best thing.