Hello wonderful UPTA folks,

We have decided, out of an abundance of caution, that UPTA 2022 will now be 100% virtual - no in person auditions or interviews.

We know many of you are painfully aware that Covid numbers have increased exponentially in the last few weeks, peaking to its highest numbers ever in the United States. According to the Shelby County Health Department here in Memphis, the CDC, and other trusted health professionals, numbers are expected to increase for at least the next month.

This projected timing and increase in pandemic numbers runs directly through the dates of our convention in February. Your health, and that of others like hotel staff and our volunteers, would be put at great risk due to the very nature of our convention in the hotel and theatre.

If you are currently registered, you will receive an email from us with further details concerning audition and interview processes, hotel info, and the like.

We are truly sorry we cannot meet in person and truly sorry for any inconvenience, but we know it is the right decision.

Be safe, be healthy, and we hope to see you in person for UPTA 2023!

Michael Detroit, Audition Coordinator
Courtney Oliver, Assistant Coordinator

The most respected audition in the country

Curt Wollan, Producer. Troupe America/Stage West

February 4 - 7, 2022, Playhouse on the Square

We invite you to attend these exciting auditions because they offer you access to quality, paying theatres, as well as offering theatres access to quality talent.