UPTA 2021 will be completely digital this February. No in-person conference.

UPTA is committed to your safety, the safety of all our registrants, staff, and volunteers. So,UPTA 2021 WILL BE ALL DIGITAL THIS TIME AROUND!

Beginning February 5, 2021!

If you are a company rep:

  • You’ll see more than 900 screened actors, each one screened 5 times!
  • You'll know how the talent scored, and you will also have access to dance audition videos, websites, and reels.
  • If you’re looking for production folks, you'll have access to resumes and links to their interview materials.
  • And because we won't be meeting in person, we've slashed registration prices for all "attendees"!
  • Only $75 for your company!

If you are prodution personnel:

  • Designers, Stage Managers, Gen Tech, Carpenters, Electricians, Directors, Choreographers, etc. You’ll have the opportunity to upload resumes and supporting materials for potential interviews.
  • Registration is still open, and the fee is only $30, so register now!

If you're an actor:

  • Unfortunately, registration has closed, but if you meet the qualifications, you can register for UPTA 2022 at 12 noon on September 1, 2021!

We know these are challenging times and things are uncertain, but give yourself, your company, and your career the best opportunity for future work.

Wonderful, affordable access to GREAT TALENT and GREAT COMPANIES! Register for UPTA 2021 now!

-Michael Detroit and Courtney Oliver-

The most respected audition in the country

Curt Wollan, Producer. Troupe America/Stage West

February 5 - 8, 2021, Playhouse on the Square

We invite you to attend these exciting auditions because they offer you access to quality, paying theatres, as well as offering theatres access to quality talent.